PURDA CABINET : Finalist, Singapore Furniture Design Award 2016

n.1800, from Urdu and Persian pardah meaning "veil, curtain"

The Purda cabinet is a fresh interpretation of a traditional cabinet construction. By reimaging the cabinet doors and replacing them with pleated fabric, the contents within the cabinet can be revealed or veiled. The pleated fabric adds a certain fragility and airiness, lending the room a quality of openness, which is in juxtaposition to the rigid and bulky structure of a traditional cabinet.

Styles and details from Fashion, Art Deco, and Sculptures influenced the patterns of pleats, appealing the most due to its simplicity and creativity. Intriguing patterns can be formed depending on how the pleats are fixed together with brass caps. 



White Carrera Marble
Acrylic/ Plexi-glass
Duchess Sateen
Polished Brass


Product is currently under development - please inquire for further news.