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Indian Modernism

Bombay Bungalow is a purveyor of exquisite objects for the modern home, with a vision to open the gates of contemporary Indian aesthetics to a global audience.

At Bombay Bungalow, we create and produce few but well crafted collections, showcasing a keen sense of purity and balance in our designs and giving everyone a chance to acquire furniture objects for the home, that are truly timeless.

MET Artworks

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Bespoke Services

Whether you want a custom sized Chit Chaat table, or a special art paper for the MET artworks, we can make the appropriate adjustments. We can also adapt or modify our designs to your particular needs.

Depending on the scope of work, we are also open to creative collaborations with other artists  designers. Please contact us with your wishes and we’ll see how we can make them come true! 

Bombay Bungalow Chit Chaat Table Stool Close-up

Trade Program

Bombay Bungalow supplies to individuals and businesses that are passionate about quality and beautiful things. We provide exclusive trade benefits to interior designers/architects & dealers/distributors. Please email us along with your credentials to find out more.

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